Arriving by Car

Note that Mount Pleasant Rd is a steep and narrow two-way road with parked cars, blind corners and a 15 km/h advisory speed limit!

There is a ‘no parking zone’ (look for the broken painted yellow lines) in front of our house, but there should be street parking available further along.

Should you need to turn your car around, do it at the widened area just past our house (look for the big wooden parking deck). Don’t drive to the end of the street as this is narrow and ends in a footpath and garage door. Wuh-woh…

See our driving instructions below, or this Google map.

Driving directions from the city

Aro St becomes Raroa Rd at the bottom of our steep hill. Turn left on the second hairpin bend onto Mount Pleasant Rd, wind up the hill for a further 500 metres and take the first very sharp turn on the right into Koromiko Rd (avoid going downhill into Old Bullock Rd!) Hello!