Booking and rates


NZ$80 per night for one person

NZ$130 per night for two people sharing a double room

Ask us for discounted rates for stays longer than five nights.

Visit the Oanda website to see current currency exchange rates.

Prices include buffet-style breakfast, tea and coffee. You are welcome to use our Internet WiFi access with your own device. An evening meal can be had by arrangement for NZ$25 per person (including wine).


We don’t expect a deposit or payment in advance to secure your booking. Just stay in touch and let us know if your plans change. We can accept payment by credit cards (Visa or Mastercard). Payment by cash is OK too. We offer discounted rates (NZ$75/ NZ$120) for cash payment.

We welcome your advance bookings by email or phone – more than 24 hours before your intended time of arrival would be good! Give us your ETA (expected time of arrival) and mobile phone number (international numbers are OK) so we can get in touch if we need to. If your plans change, you are lost, running late, unavoidably delayed or stuck in the toilet at the airport, send us a quick text so we can help out.


If a booking is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, and we have turned other guests away, and are unable to re-let the room, a cancellation charge may apply. But we will always try hard to re-let the room to avoid this.

Check in & Check out

Checking in and checking out is on a flexible basis. Arrive whenever you need to. Late night flight arrivals from Australia are expected and normal at our house! We are happy to store your bags under cover during the day of your departure.

What we provide

We provide a buffet-style breakfast of cereal, toast, spreads, our Koromiko honey, fruit, yoghurt, milk and soy milk and soy yoghurt. You are welcome to cook your own eggs! Tea and coffee is supplied. Make yourself a brew at any time with our tea kettle and/or electric coffee percolator and plunger. The lounge and dining area is shared with us and other guests.

You may be pleased to know that our guests sleep on high-quality, 500 thread-count Sheridan sheets. We love this super comfortable and super durable linen! We also provide guests with Sheridan high-quality towels. Our laundry is hot-washed and dried under New Zealand’s great southern sun.


There are three rooms (two double and one single) to rent at Koromiko on a per night, per person basis. Note that our pricing structure is not per room, which gives you more flexibility when staying with us. It may be that a single guest finds themselves sleeping alone in a double room for their stay.  You don’t have to share! As with everything, we are friendly and can fit around your needs. Talk to us!

Your bathroom is shared with other guests. The toilet is separate.

View the rooms photo gallery

Moon Room

The Moon Room is a double room with a queen-sized bed which is across the stairway from the shared bathroom and toilet. If available, single guests can sleep alone in this larger room. As an homage to our closest astrological neighbour, the Moon Room is lunar white and very peaceful, with two skylights that allow the moon itself to cast its light on to the bed as you sleep. Look for the architect’s schema including the giant Modernist door that opens into the room, dividing it into sleeping and living zones. The study nook overlooks one of three decks, containing Koromiko Bee Industries. Watch tens of thousands of little worker bees making honey for our guests.

Sky Room

The Sky Room is our second double room with a queen-sized bed. If available, single guests can sleep alone in this larger room. Walk through the living space to get to what could be the deluxe sleeping experience at the top of the house. Note that the shared bathroom and toilet is one level below this room. Here you will find yourself encased in glass in a room likened to an eagle’s eyrie. Share in the architect’s grand vision to create an inside-outside zone where guests can look out over their domain without their gaze being returned by neighbours. Not the first choice of room if you want to sleep in, as the sun will be on you as it rises. There are blinds! Kris can often be seen on the roof of the Sky Room photographing the magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

Bosom Room

The Bosom Room is our third room and our only room with a single bed. It offers a quiet, private space in the middle of the house, which is handy for the shared bathroom and toilet. Single guests will often find themselves in this room, although, if available, you may find yourself sleeping alone in a one of our double rooms. So-called because of the amazing bosom-style light fittings which you will find hovering above you on the ceiling. The Bosom Room, with a huge circular window onto a fernery, offers a peaceful respite. The recessed circular light wells in this room are one of architect, Roger Walker’s, famous motifs.

Our gay and lesbian (QUILTBAG) friends may want to visit for all their queer-owned and run accommodation in New Zealand.

  • The Moon Room
  • The Garden
  • Sotiri House
We live on a steep hillside – the front door of the house is 40 steps uphill from the street below. If you have personal mobility problems you may wish to seek alternative accommodation.